After Years of Ridicule, Arby's Thanks Jon Stewart: 'Not Sure Why, But We'll Miss You'

After years of being the butt of Jon Stewart's jokes, Arby's has created a commercial featuring the pundit's harshest words against the fast-food chain.

Jon Stewart has consistently poked fun at Arby's on The Daily Show - but now the restaurant chain has had the last laugh.

On Wednesday night, during Stewart’s penultimate show, the company ran a commercial that paid tribute to the comic legend.

It started with: "For Jon, Love Arby's."

What followed was a string of clips of Stewart’s edgiest barbs aimed at Arby’s while the company’s spokesperson sang “Thank You For Being a Friend,” the theme song to Golden Girls.

The ad ended with: "Not Sure Why, But We'll Miss You."

Over the years, the restaurant chain has been the butt of many of Stewart's jokes.

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Among them: “Arby’s – technically it is food” and “Arby’s: Why not challenge your stomach to a fight?”

The company also created a shorter commercial to mark the occasion.

The company’s spokesperson said in the ad: “This is the last sandwich Arby's ever wanted to make because it means he's really leaving. This sandwich with double corned beef and deli mustard on marble rye. It's for Jon. But also, it's for all of us to eat at Arby's whenever the sad thoughts come back."

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All of Stewart’s satire comes to end on Thursday when he signs off and Arby’s is showing they have no beef with the retiring host.

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