Bounty Hunters Looking For Fugitive Mistakenly Descend on Police Chief's Home

A group of 11 bounty hunters swarmed the home in Arizona while looking for an Oklahoma fugitive who is wanted on drugs charges.

A squad of 11 bounty hunters looking for a fugitive descended on a home with their guns drawn – only to discover they had mistakenly swarmed a police chief’s home.

The bounty hunters were looking for Roderick Battle, who is wanted in Oklahoma on drug charges, when they surrounded the house in Phoenix, Arizona on Tuesday night.

They knocked on the door and called out for Roderick.

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But the chief’s girlfriend heard the banging and called 911.

“We have some - I don't know if they're bounty hunters or what they are but they just banged on our door and they're looking for somebody,” she told the dispatcher.

The bounty hunters were stunned when, instead of their fugitive, Phoenix’s police chief, Joe Yahner, walked out.

One of the group, Brent Farley, was arrested for disorderly conduct and criminal trespass following the incident.

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The team - which reportedly included an 11-year-old child - said they were led to the chief’s house after getting an anonymous tip on their Facebook page.

In Arizona, you don’t need a license or training to go into business as a bounty hunter.

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