Love in the Outfield

Persistence may have paid off for a love-struck ball boy who kept giving foul baseballs to a girl in the stands. INSIDE EDITION talks to the couple, who are now dating.

Call it love in the outfield. A ball boy noticed a girl in the stands, and thanks to a little persistence, he got the date of his dreams.

It was a glorious day at the ballpark. The Oakland A's were playing Tampa Bay, and 23-year-old high school teacher Jacki Lynch was in the stands with her girlfriends when the excitement suddenly shifted from the ball field to the ball boy.

Ball boy Kevin Fennell slid to catch a foul ball. He walked to stands, pointed to Lynch, and then gave her the baseball.

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander asked, "What attracted you to Jacki?"

"Probably the red hair, actually," replied Fennell.

Alexander asked, "What did you think when she looked back at you?"

"I don't know. Kind of excited. I'm obviously glad she took it," said Fennell.

"What, was I not going to take it?" joked Lynch.

"No one ever declines a baseball," said Fennell.

Fennell was hoping that if he gave her a baseball maybe he'd get her phone number. So Fennell didn't stop at one. He gave Lynch another baseball.

Alexander said, "Once is funny. Once is cute. But the second time, what were you thinking?"

"Oh the ball boy has a crush on me," said Lynch.

Then came the third ball, and then a fourth. This time he walks right past the outstretched hands of fans. The crowd wasn't happy, and booed the ball boy.

Once more, he pointed to Lynch. That time she came down from the stands and gave him a hug.

But Fennell didn't get her phone number. Seeing he was striking out, the ballplayers stepped in and sent Lynch a fifth baseball. This one had a note on it.

"How about a phone number for our ball man Kevin (he's 21)," read Lynch from the baseball.

Lynch gave Fennell her number and his field of dreams came true. They are now dating!

"Is it love at first sight?" asked Alexander.

Fennell replied, "I think it's headed in that direction."

INSIDE EDITION caught up with the couple on a date in New York City. They spent the afternoon rowing in Central Park. Next stop was the restaurant SaraBeth's, where they enjoyed a cozy dinner. Lynch still can't believe how Fennell turned a foul ball into a romantic home run.

"I really like Kevin," she said.