Watch the Incredible Moment Two Deaf Brothers Hear Each Other For the Very First Time

Two hearing impaired brothers were able to hear each other for the first time after cochlear implants.

A heartwarming video shows two deaf brothers hearing each other for the first time.

The brothers,  D.C. and Elias Goutoufas, both suffered with congenital defects in their ears and had only ever communicated in sign language.

But they have now both had cochlear implants fitted - meaning that they are finally able to hear each other speak.

Elias told INSIDE EDITION: "It was really awesome to hear his voice for the first time after nearly five decades of silence."

D.C. added to INSIDE EDITION: "It was a remarkable experience. It sounded like my brother. My brother who I have not heard since age 4 when I lost my hearing overnight." 

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Elias said he is enjoying hearing sounds for the first time.

"I am amazed that I can hear little things like using my keys to open the door, ripping a sheet from the paper towel roll, turning on the lights, typing my computer, and my own footsteps while walking my Sheltie dog," he said.

He also likes hearing the sound of his Sheltie - named Galaxy - bark.

"So clear!" he said.

D.C., 47, underwent the procedure aTampa General Hospital last month so his implant had already been fitted by the time his brother got his.

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He told INSIDE EDITION: "I was introduced to the sound world last month. I hear and learn new sounds everyday.  

"I have been listening to all kinds of music with friends and families. Listening to the voices and conversations of the people I love. Listening to the breeze and waves at the beach as often as I can."

Following his procedure, D.C. got to hear his daughter and wife's voices for the first time.

The hospital posted a video showing the moment.

D.C., who lost his hearing aged four and became the first deaf person to graduate from University of Tampa, got emotional when he heard his family.

His daughter told him: “I love you."

The two men also heard their late father's voice for the first time. Their sister Lisa brought along a recording of him singing at her wedding decades ago.

"My father and I had a really close relationship," D.C. told INSIDE EDITION. "Hearing his voice was just wonderful."

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