Watch This Talented Guy Sing His Order at the McDonald's Drive-Thru

Instead of just placing his order at a McDonal's drive-thru, Chase Carter opted to sing it instead and now, it getting attention everywhere.

A Mississippi man spiced up his McDonald's order by singing his request at the drive-thru window.

Chase Carter, 25, from Hattiesburg, showed off his silky smooth vocals as he ordered lunch - and the server wasn't quite sure what to think.

Chase told INSIDE EDITION that he was driving around town with a friend to hand in job applications when they decided to head to McDonald’s for a bite to eat.

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His friend came up with the idea to sing their order.

"He just told me I need to get my talent out," Chase said. "It wasn’t for the joke and the comedy, it was basically to let people know that I can sing."

Singing is his passion. Both of his parents are singers and he first performed in church.

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His brother produces all of his music. He's just recorded his first single and is working on an album to follow in his parents' footsteps.

With this video, he looks like he will be well on his way.

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