Hitchin' a Ride: Baby Monkey Journeys On a Dog's Back

A motorist in Malaysia stopped his car when he saw a monkey riding on a dog's back.

Did you hear the one about the monkey who went for a ride on a stray dog’s back?

While it sounds like a joke, for one Malaysian motorist it became a reality when he was driving around his country and saw the unlikely encounter.

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The orphaned monkey got a piggyback ride from a dog on the side of the road.

The motorist stopped his car and filmed the duo walking around nonchalantly.


Erti kasih sayang. Sekarang ramai kalangan manusia mendera anak termasuk mendera anak sendiri sehingga mati. Tapi tadi...

Posted by Zainal Azman Hj Bidin on Tuesday, August 4, 2015

He wrote: These animals have a gentle nature that should exist in all mankind.”

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