The Walking Dead: Videos Reveal the Dangers of 'Spice' Synthetic Weed

Footage reveals the zombie-like state experienced by users of synthetic weed, knows as 'Spice' or 'K2.'

Synthetic marijuana, a growing drug craze, is turning people into zombies.

On the street, the drug is called “Spice,” or “K2,” and it’s showing up in neighborhoods across the nation.

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The drug is so strong that people go into a zonked-out state. Sometimes, it can even turn peaceful people into violent crazies.

New York City Police Commisioner Bill Bratton said of people on the drug, "These individuals, many of them under the influence of this drug are totally crazy.”

In one instance, a man seemed to be completely out of his mind as he crouched naked on the street.

Dr. Howard Samuels, founder of the Hills Treatment Center, told INSIDE EDITION, “The more that you smoke it, because of the chemicals that are in it, can really destroy the brain cells in your brain, and you're not coming back from that."

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YouTube is loaded with videos of young people freaking out after allegedly taking synthetic marijuana. And people from all walks of life can fall victim.

In 2012, a 911 call was placed from Demi Moore's Hollywood home. The movie star had collapsed and there were reports synthetic marijuana was to blame.

A 911 operator is heard saying: "What did she take?"

The caller replied: "She smoked something, it's not marijuana, it's similar to incense."

The drug is cheap. A single bag can be as cheap as a dollar. INSIDE EDITION stopped at several shops here in Manhattan to ask for “K2,” or “Spice.” One owner said they are no longer allowed to sell it, but that they they were selling it not long ago. 

Sixty-six-year-old  Peter Vardouniotos got the shock of his life when he was watching TV and recognized his own son on the street. "He looked like he was a zombie," he told INSIDE EDITION.  

Mom Margaret said synthetic pot has torn apart her family. "This is my son Peter, the one I raised, not the I saw on TV," she said, pointing to an old photo of her son. 

Hopefully, their son will get the help he so urgently needs, along with other poor souls of the real-life walking dead. 

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