Peter Jennings Remembered a Decade After His Death from Cancer

Ten years after the broadcasting icon passed away from cancer, INSIDE EDITION looks back at his incredible career and legacy.

Legendary anchorman Peter Jennings is being remembered on the tenth anniversary of his death.

ABC World News Now paid tribute with highlights, including one that was focused on the aftermath of Sept. 11. Jennings was on-air and visibly upset, and choked up talking about Sept. 11. “If you’ve got a parent, or a kid in some other part of the country, call them up,” he said on-air.

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And they also showed Jennings' lighter side, including a moment where he was joking around on set. “Is this the place where we do the daily journalism thing for World News Now?” he asked on-air, and then shortly after launching into the show, he said, “I forgot something,” and stood up to remove his jacket.

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The tribute also included the sad night when Jennings announced the cancer diagnosis that eventually took his life. “I have learned in the last couple of days that I have lung cancer,” he revealed on-air.

Jennings was 67 years old when he died. But he clearly will never be forgotten.

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