This Guy Can Imitate 15 Famous Singers and You Won't Be Able to Tell the Difference

YouTube star Roomie has imitated 15 singers - including Sam Smith, Nick Jonas and Lil Jon - for his latest video.

If you close your eyes, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was Bruce Springsteen on the mic.

In fact, it’s YouTube star Roomie, who has imitated 15 singers for his latest video.

The singers include Nick Jonas, Sam Smith, Lil Jon and Billie Joe of Green Day – and incredibly, he sounds just like them.

It comes a year after Roomie, whose real name is Joel Berghult, posted his first video imitating singers. That video has now been viewed more than eight million times.

Speaking to INSIDE EDITION, the Swedish singer said he didn't think much of the first video.

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“I basically thought of the video as a ‘filler’ video while I was working on other videos for my online niche fanbase,” he said. “But it ended up being my most successful video to that date, opening up a whole new world of possibilities.”

His favorite voices to imitate are Adam Levine, Bryan Adams and Rick Astley.

"They're all very distinct voices that come easily to me and make people laugh," he said.

Roomie, who lives in London, explained that sometimes it can take an hour to nail a singer's voice, but other times, it can take "days of studying and practice."

But generally, imitating singers comes naturally to him, he said.

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“While practicing singing I've developed a good ear for voice characteristics, so that definitely helped a lot, but I would say I haven't actually imitated other people's voices more than about a year,” he said.

“It's crazy really that I had such a skill I was never aware about. Makes you wonder what kind of skills everyone else out there have hidden inside of them.”

You can see more of Roomie's videos at

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