Man Dies After Being Gored While Filming Bull Run on His Cell Phone

A Spanish man died while filming a bull run on his cell phone.

A man died after being gored while filming a bull run on his cell phone, the mayor of the Spanish town Villaseca de la Sagra has said.

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Mayor Jesus Hijosa said on Monday that the man was filming the run at the town festival around 1:30a.m. on Sunday and apparently didn’t notice that one of the bulls was heading straight for him.

The mayor said: “This sends shivers down our spine… We organize these events as a tradition, so that people can enjoy them, but these things happen.

“Bulls are dangerous animals and when there are a lot of people some don’t pay attention… you have to have your wits about you.”

The 32-year-old victim was gored in the neck and thigh. He died later Sunday in the hospital.

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This has been the fourth death by goring in town festivals just this year alone in Spain.

The running of the bulls is a traditional part of summer festivities across Spain. The most famous run is San Fermin in Pamplona which takes place every July.

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