Caitlyn Jenner Strips Down to a Swimsuit in Public for the First Time

Caitlyn Jenner showed off her new, toned body in a white bathingsuit for an episode of 'I Am Cait.'

Caitlyn Jenner has stripped down to a swimsuit in public for the very first time.

In the weekend's episode of her reality TV show, I Am Cait, Jenner took the plunge in a white one-piece while on vacation in Napa Valley with friends.  

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"I did see my reflection in a glass door," she said. "Looks pretty good."

Jenner has recently been spotted out and about in some eye-catching outfits while shopping and attending events in L.A. and New York City.

Her new look has been compared to Cindy Crawford and Jessica Lange. 

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At the ESPY Awards - where she received the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage - she wowed the crowd in an elegant, white Versace dress selected by Angelina Jolie's stylist.

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