Woman Saved From Bullet By Her Bra

A woman was riding her bike in Germany when she was struck by a bullet, fortunately she was saved by her bra under wire.

A German woman has lived to tell the tale after she was accidentally shot by a hunter - but her bra apparently stopped the bullet.

The unnamed 41-year-old woman was on a bike ride with her husband in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania when she inadvertently entered the area of a boar hunt.

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The couple heard rifle fire and the woman felt a sharp pain in her chest, according to police spokesperson. Her bra’s metal underwire appeared to have stopped the bullet.

Call it a “Bra-Varian Surprise.”

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The woman, who was left with a bruise rather than a bullet wound, was taken to hospital.

Police found a dead boar nearby and suspect that bullet may have struck the woman after ricocheting off the animal, The Telegraph reported. 

Authorities are investigating whether the hunt was properly signposted.

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