Body of 5-Year-Old Found 5 Days After He Wandered Away From Campsite Chasing Grasshoppers

Jerald Joseph Williams, from Colorado City, Arizona, was on a walk with his mother last Thursday when she lost sight of him in Kaibab National Forest.

The body of a five-year-old boy has been found five days after he went missing while on a family camping trip near the Grand Canyon last week.

Jerald Joseph Williams was on a walk with his mother about 100 yards away from their campsite in Kaibab National Forest last Thursday when she lost sight of him as he chased grasshoppers.

His body was found on Monday.

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"We don't have positive identification yet, but we do believe that this is the body of the missing child," Coconino County Sheriff's Office spokesman Gerry Blair said.

Authorities have not yet given details about how he died but previously said there were no signs of an abduction or foul play.

They added that the boy's devastated parents have been involved throughout the days-long search.

“I don't think the mother has left the command post,” Blair said. “She had been there the whole time.”

Jerald, from Colorado City, Arizona, was with a group of about 20 people when he went missing about 12 miles south of Jacob Lake.

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The group searched for the boy but alerted authorities four hours later when they could not find him.

Hundreds of searchers spent five days looking for him across rugged terrain, sometimes during heavy rain.

The search was aided by military helicopters equipped with night vision equipment as well as ground crews with dogs and ATVs.

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