No Longer 'Friends?' Jennifer Aniston Didn't Invite Co-Stars Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc to Her Wedding

Jennifer Aniston's former 'Friends' co-stars said they were surprised to hear about her secret wedding to Justin Theroux.

Did newlywed Jennifer Aniston snub her Friends at her recent surprise wedding to Justin Theroux?

The actress reportedly did not invite her former co-stars on the show, Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc, to the secret nuptials at their Bel-Air home.  

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LeBlanc, who was at a press event promoting his Showtime series on Monday night, said: "I think she's happy. And that's all I care about, is that Jen's happy. If she wanted me there, I would have been there."

Perry, who was also at the event, said: "I wasn't invited. So what can you do?"

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Co-stars Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow did make the guest list.

While Aniston and Theroux continue their honeymoon in Tahiti, hopefully the honeymoon isn't over for the cast of Friends.  

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