Donald Trump's Former Adviser: 'I'm The Only Adult That Was In His Campaign'

Roger Stone is speaking out after leaving the Trump campaign. He claims he quit following Donald Trump's comments to Megyn Kelly.

Donald Trump's former senior advisor says that, behind the scenes, Trump’s campaign is in disarray.

Veteran political strategist Roger Stone told INSIDE EDITION: “Experts on economic policy, experts on foreign policy wanting to meet Trump, wanting to brief Trump, not even getting their calls returned. I'm the only adult that was in his campaign.”

Stone said he walked out on the campaign over the spat with Fox news anchor Megyn Kelly. But Trump said he fired him.

“It's not about bickering with media personalities. There's no votes in this. Not for Trump. There's nothing in it for Trump or Kelly,” said Stone.

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Despite their differences, he said he still supports the presidential hopeful.

“Trump has the size and the style and the boldness to be president, and he is the one, not me, not his advisors. He is the one who has identified the hot-button issues that have propelled him to be number one in the polls,” he said.

Trump is making a major speech in Michigan on Tuesday night. And while he is still the front runner, new polls in New Hampshire suggest the race is getting tighter.

Trump is leading the pack with 18%, while Jeb Bush is in second place with 13% according to a Boston Herald / Franklin Pierce University poll.

Meanwhile, lawyer Elizabeth Beck, one of the women who was the target of Trump's obnoxious remarks, is also speaking out. 

Beck said Trump was furious because she insisted on taking a break during a deposition to use a breast pump. 

“His face got red like a tomato. He shook his hands at me, he called me, he said, ‘you're disgusting. You're disgusting,’” she told INSIDE EDITION.

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“It was insulting. I knew he was trying to be demeaning, but at the end of the day, my goal was to just do my job,” she said.

And Kelly took time out during the Kelly Files to address Trump's demands for an apology.

“Trump, who is the front-runner, will not apologize, and I certainly will not apologize for doing good journalism,” she said.

Trump called in to CNN on Tuesday, and and appeared to have moved on from the spat to bigger issues.

“I think the thing that I have tapped into is that people are finding our leadership incompetent, and they know that I am far from that.

“They know that I get things done. And I want things done properly. I want to do something great, and great is to make our country great again,” he said.

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