A Year After It Was Looted in Ferguson Protests, Woman's Business is Ransacked Again

A hair salon owner says her business was looted during protests in Ferguson - a year after it was ransacked in last summer's demonstrations.

A hair salon owner whose business was looted in last year's Ferguson protests says it has been ransacked again.

Dellena Jones says her store, 911 Salon, suffered thousands of dollars in losses after it was broken into in August 2014 amid protests over the shooting of Michael Brown.

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She was finally able to remove boards from the windows in February - but on Sunday night, it was hit again.

"I've been trying to understand but all I see is protests happneing for no reason," she said.

But she remains optomistic, she said.

"Let’s keep being positive and embrace each other,” she told KMOV.

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Demonstrations flared up again in Ferguson this weekend as protesters mark the one-year anniversary since unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot dead by a police officer.

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