Walking Across Canyon, Daredevil Breaks Record for Longest Free Solo Slackline

Slackliner Spencer Seabrooke walked over 200 feet across a 1,000-foot high canyon in Canada and broke a slackline record.

A British man has just broken the world record for the longest, free solo slackline walk.

In a heart-pounding video, Spencer Seabrooke used no safety gear at all, and walked more than 200 feet across a 1,000-foot high canyon in Canada.

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He even slipped off the rope and caught himself twice.

Seabrooke crossed the two mountains in Squamish Valley, British Columbia, and was filmed with a drone by cinematographer Zachary Moxley.

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Spencer is a professional slackliner and co-founder of SlackLife BC, where they participate in some pretty incredible adventures.

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