Just-Released Interrogation Video Shows Cop Reenacting Moment He Shot Unarmed Football Star

Officer Randall Kerrick is on trial in Charlotte, North Carolina, for voluntary manslaughter in the death of 24-year-old Jonathan Ferrell.

A newly-released interrogation video shows a cop re-enacting the moment he fatally shot an unarmed football star. 

Officer Randall Kerrick is now on trial in Charlotte, North Carolina for voluntary manslaughter in the death of 24-year-old Jonathan Ferrell, who played for Florida A&M.

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The tape was released during the trial.

In the tape, he says: “So he's approaching me, I’m backstepping and I’m yelling: ‘Stop! Stop! Stop!’”

He continued: “I'm backing up and he's just coming at me even faster.”

Police dashcam video shows Ferrell walking towards cops responding to a 911 call in 2013. Suddenly, he starts to run. Then off-camera, a dozen shots can be heard.

Prosecutors say he was shot ten times by Kerrick and they say the cop used "excessive force."

But the cop told detectives a different story and demonstrated how he says he fell to the ground. He says he was afraid the football star was going to take his gun.

“I felt him get at my gun, and grab at my gun,” he said.

The tragedy happened after Jonathan Ferrell crashed his car around 2:30 a.m.

He climbed out the shattered rear window of the wreck -- then walked half a mile and reportedly pounded on the door of a home.

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The homeowner testified she was alone with her baby and made this terrified call to 911.

911 Operator: “There's a guy breaking in your front door?”
Homeowner: ‘Yes, he's trying to kick it down. He's not in the house; he's in the front yard yelling. Oh my God, please!”

When cops arrived, they say they tried to Taser Ferrell, but it had no effect.

Kerrick said: “Nothing I would do can get him off me.”

The charge against the officer is voluntary manslaughter. He faces five years in prison if convicted. 

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