Quick-Thinking Bus Driver Rescues Toddler Who Wandered into Busy Street

The little girl got out of her family's home in Madison, Wisconsin and walked into the busy road after her dad fell asleep.

A quick-thinking bus driver saved an eighteen-month-old girl standing in the street.

The little girl had managed to get out of her family's home in Madison, Wisconsin and wander into the busy road after her dad fell asleep on Thursday morning.

But thankfully Metro Transit bus driver Tim Homann spotted her before any harm could come to her.

Surveillance footage taken by cameras on the bus and first shared by WISCTV shows the tiny tot standing in the street wearing just a t-shirt and diaper.

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Homann was driving on the road and heading towards her when he saw her.

“I got closer and closer, and it appeared to be a little baby out there,” he told the channel.

Worried that another driver might not see her, he said to himself: "I'm going to get that baby."


He stopped the bus and approached the little girl, the surveillance footage showed. He bent towards her and asked her if he could pick her up.

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"She put her arms up and said, 'Momma,'" the driver said.

He decided to head for a daycare down the street when the girl's relieved father approached him and explained he had been asleep. The girl's mother had already left for work for the day.

The heroic driver returned to his bus, where he apologized to his passengers for the delay and got on with his journey.

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