Score Sizzling Back-To-School Deals While Shopping With This Phone App

RetailMeNot uses GPS technology on your phone to send you deals when you are out and about.

It's back to school time and now a smart phone app can help you save big.

RetailMeNot uses GPS technology on your phone to send you deals when you're out and about.

And you don't even have to be heading back to class to take advantage of savings.

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RetailMeNot Senior Lifestyle Editor Trae Bodge told INSIDE EDITION: “What’s great about back to school is that even if you don’t have children, you can still take advantage of all those great offers that are available. From clothing to office supplies, there are so many sales you can take advantage of.”

She showed INSIDE EDITION how to find a good deal with the app while at the shops.

Looking at her phone, she said: “I just received an alert that if I spend $50 at Charlotte Ruess I save $10 and it is a RetailMeNot exclusive."

She also received an alert for 80 percent off summer merchandise at H&M.

She added: “Macy’s is a great destination for back-to-school shopping. They have two offers on the coupons app: 20 percent off back-to-school merchandise and 15 percent off home items, which is great for the dorm.”

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Once you find your items, all you have to do is take your smart phone to the cashier for instant savings.

RetailMeNot is making shopping easier and helping you save big bucks at the same time.

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