One Woman Goes to a 'Snuggle Party' to Find Out What Really Happens

Snuggle parties are an event where strangers come together and share affection. One woman wanted to know what the experience would be like.

What would it be like to snuggle with strangers?

One woman, Adriana Bordea, explored what it was like attending a snuggle party for the first time in a video posted on YouTube by Seeker Stories.

“I don’t know who these people are, their ages. We are just going to snuggle,” she said.

Adriana is hoping to make this experience push her out of her comfort zone.

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Snuggle facilitator Shanya Luther introduced the rules and invited everyone to get cozy. She told them to keep their energy playful and affectionate.

The people cuddle, share affection and touch each other.

Snuggle HQ is seeking to build a community to share human contact and explore snuggling in a supportive environment.

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How did Adriana feel after?

“It is something that may not be socially acceptable but we were just having a good time snuggling,” she said.

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