Is This 20-Foot Great White the Largest Shark Ever Caught on Video?

In incredible footage filmed off the coast of Mexico, the 5,000-pound shark swims to researchers and gives them a close look at her razor-sharp teeth.

A great white shark is believed to be the largest shark ever captured on video.

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Her name is Deep Blue and she is at least 20 feet long and weighs a jaw-dropping 5,000 pounds.

Shark expert Andy Dehart told INSIDE EDITION: "This is a colossal shark. It is very rare to see a shark this size swimming in the ocean." 

The monster shark was spotted near Guadeloupe Island, just off the coast of Mexico. She's believed to be 50 years old. Experts say it's rare for a shark to live that long.

She swims right up to researchers inside a steel cage, which looks just like the classic scene from Jaws where Richard Dreyfuss' character almost met his maker when Jaws destroyed the cage he was in. 

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But unlike the movie, this shark just bumps the cage and swims on.

At one point in the video, which was posted on Facebook, Deep Blue flashes her razor sharp teeth.

Dehart said: "Sharks are quite intelligent animals and you can tell throughout this video segment she is very aware of where the divers are.

"She is very aware what the divers are. She makes no aggressive acts towards the divers in any way, shape or form, even though at her size she can easily take down the divers there." 

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