Watch Man Pluck His Trapped Baby Niece to Safety After Car Plunged 100 Feet Off Cliff

Blake Kimbrell is seen pulling out the 11-month-old girl from the car after it came off the road.

An incredible video shows the moment a man plucked his 11-month-old niece to safety after she became trapped inside a car that fell off a 100-foot cliff.

"It was the most terrifying experience of my life," Blake Kimbrell told INSIDE EDITION.

He was driving behind his sister’s car near Birmingham, Alabama when she lost control and the vehicle plunged off a cliff.

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His sister, Destiny, was thrown clear of the car and escaped uninjured, but his baby niece Breleigh became trapped.

Using the flashlight on his cellphone to light the way, Kimbrell crawled into the wreckage to find his niece, and shouted: "She's alive!"

He instructed his sister to call 911 and turned his attentions to helping the baby.

“I got you, sweetie,” he can be heard saying in the footage. “Uncle Blake’s here. Uncle Blake’s going to get you out of here, I promise.”

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He soon realized she was stuck on something in the car and eventually managed to get her free.

“I got you sweetie, I got you,” he told her. “Oh, I love you so.”

He is also heard thanking first responders for responding to the call.

Kimbrell said that his niece is doing well.

"It's just amazing to see a scene like that and to see her unharmed," he said.

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