Man Jailed For Carjacking A Woman Who Was in Labor And Driving to the Hospital

A Maryland man has been sentenced to five years after he pleaded guilty to carjacking a woman who was on her way to give birth in a hospital.

A Maryland man who carjacked a woman while she was in labor has been jailed for five years.

Deverey Kelley, 25, and co-defendant Cornell Robinson, pointed guns at a man and woman as they were getting in their car to drive to the hospital to deliver their baby in Maryland last year.

They forced the woman to a nearby building and demanded money and she reportedly told them she was in labor. Despite her pleas, Robinson took her keys and fled in the car.

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The woman has not been identified.

Her partner managed to flee and call the police, who arrived on the scene and pursued the stolen car.

The men were eventually arrested by officers, who recovered a loaded handgun thrown away by Kelley and a shotgun.

Kelley, who pleaded guilty to the charges, will have his prison sentenced followed by three years’ supervised release.

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Robinson faces a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison for carjacking, life in prison for possession and brandishing a firearm in furtherance of a crime of violence.

He also faces 10 years in prison for possession of a firearm and ammunition by a felon. He remains detained and will be sentenced in November.

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