Watch This Doctor Bust a Move on the Streets For a Good Cause

Dr Adnan Khera boogies in Boston's streets twice a week to raise money for a variety of charities.

These videos are just what the doctor ordered.

In the footage, Dr. Adnan Khera shows of his impressive dance moves – and they’re all for a good cause.

Wearing his scrubs and white doctor’s coat, Dr. Khera, an anesthesiology resident at Tufts Medical Center, boogies in Boston’s streets twice a week to raise money for a variety of charities.

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Speaking to INSIDE EDITION, he said that he decided to use his love of dancing to help others.

“My dancing has always gotten people's attention and been an enormous source of joy and unique experiences in my life,” he explained. “I wanted to share that joy with other people.”

He added that, during his time in medical school, he was told he should incorporate public speaking into his career, “and I view dancing as a universal language which allows us to communicate with people without words,” he said.

His earnings go towards charities helping children in poverty, homeless shelters, wounded vets, abused animals and others.

He said he picks the charities based on where people want their money to go.

"The entire project is an extension of the people who support it,” he explained. “[The money] goes from donors to charities selected based on suggestions from donors. I simply act as an impetus and intermediary, and hopefully inspiration."


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Dr Khera said that the response he gets on the street is nearly always smiles and his colleagues – who have always considered him “unique” - support him, too.

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He explained: “I believe my introduction to the Tufts anesthesiology department was something along the lines of, ‘Here we have Adnan Khera. He recently broke the world record for Fastest Marathon Dressed as a Baby.’ So I don't think my decision to dance for charity was terribly shocking to them.”

For more information on this dancing doctor visit his website, "Doctor Be Dancing" or check out his moves on Facebook.

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