Fishermen Help Whale Tangled in Debris, Get Treated to an Epic Selfie

A group of fishermen helped a whale get out of debris and then took an selfie with the mammal.

An appreciative whale has posed for a selfie with a group of fisherman who pulled debris from its mouth.

The group of Australian men got quite the surprise when the massive whale began circling their boat and swimming underneath it in an apparent bid for help.

One of men, Ivan Iskenderian, helped remove the garbage bags and fishing lines stuck in its mouth.

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Ivan’s buddy, Michael Riggio, 17, was on board the boat and took a selfie with the whale.

Ivan told Australia’s Seven Network that they couldn't believe their eyes.

He said: “I couldn't believe it, we were just laughing, couldn't believe what was happening."

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Ivan posted his experience on Facebook:

The whale stuck around to show its appreciation and even slapped its fin on the water.

“It was really inquisitive ... sort of taking its eye out of the water and looking at us,” Ivan told Seven Network.

We like to call that a "whale" of a selfie.

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