67-Year-Old Grandma Mauled by 2 Pit Bulls: 'I Could Feel Them Pulling Apart My Leg'

Surveillance footage caught the moment Donna Berto, 67, was viciously attacked walking in a parking lot.

Dramatic surveillance footage shows two pit bulls brutally mauling a 67-year-old grandmother.

Donna Berto was ripped apart by the dogs. She has 100 stitches in her mouth alone.

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“When the dogs jumped up on me, one of them grabbed my hair and started pulling me down to the ground,” she told INSIDE EDITION.

The attack happened as Berto was about to enter a convenience store in Tacoma, Washington.
She parked her car and was just feet away from the entrance when the dogs suddenly attacked.  

In a 911 call, a caller is heard saying, "There's a dog that attacked a woman. The woman, the woman is really, really eaten up bad, bad, bad, bad."

Berto said, “When I was on the ground, I was trying to fight one dog off from the back, and I lay there on the ground, protecting my face. And I could feel them pulling apart my leg,” she said.

For 30 seconds, the dogs tore at Berto's face and legs. The surveillance footage shows store employees rushing to help. One employee grabbed his 9mm semi-automatic and fired into the air to scare the dogs away.

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Corporal Justin Miller was the first officer on the scene. “I've been an officer for 20 years, and that's probably the most brutal dog attack that I've seen on a human,” he told INSIDE EDITION.

The pit bulls were caught and are being held in this animal shelter. Berto's lawyer told INSIDE EDITION that the dogs' owner is liable for the attack.

“If this had happened when nobody was around, we might very well be talking about a fatality here,” he said.

Donna still can't walk on her own, but she is healing. She's grateful to the people who helped save her from those vicious dogs.

“These dogs are just crazy,” she said.

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