Court Artist Apologizes for Tom Brady Sketch: 'Good Looking People Are Hard to Draw'

Artist Jane Rosenberg's sketch of Tom Brady in court on Wednesday was quickly ridiculed online.

Tom Brady one of the hottest men alive thanks to his movie star good looks, the New England Patriots quarterback has landed on the covers of countless magazines.

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He's also married to one of the most gorgeous women in the world -- supermodel Giselle Bundchen.

Many wondering how such a devilishly handsome man could end up looking so bad in a courtroom sketch.

The sketch was drawn inside federal court in New York where Brady is appealing his four game suspension for his role in deflategate.

USA Today calls the sketch: "hilariously horrible."

The sketch artist, Jane Rosenberg, is coming to INSIDE EDITION with this message: “I apologize to Tom Brady and all the fans who love him.”

Rosenberg has been sketching courtroom scenes for 35 years.

She said: “I have a hard time with famous people, getting their likeness, especially very good looking people, hard to draw.”

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Never has one of her sketches gotten so much attention.

It's inspired countless memes including Michael Jackson’s character from the music video, "Thriller."

DeflateGate is turning into a real thriller

August 12, 2015

Others include other shots of him in famous pop culture moments:

Tom Brady. Woof!

August 12, 2015


August 12, 2015

The evolution of the court sketch of Tom Brady, courtesy of @AGoot18's followers.

August 12, 2015

Her reaction to all the fuss is “it’s crazy.”

Her sketch has also been fodder Seth Meyers. 

The Late Night host joked: "Is that supposed to be Tom Brady? He really let himself go in the off season. Is he being charged with deflating his own head?" 

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