Rachel Uchitel Under Fire For Ground Zero Filming

Rachel Uchitel is making waves by shooting part of an episode of Celebrity Rehab next to ground zero. Uchitel says it was part of her therapy, but some are saying it was poor taste. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Tiger Woods's former mistress Rachel Uchitel is under fire over a visit to ground zero to shoot an episode of Celebrity Rehab.

The 35-year-old party girl visited the hallowed site last week with Dr. Drew Pinsky, but bristled at suggestions the visit is tacky and in poor taste.

Uchitel said, "Who the (expletive deleted) are people to be talking about me? Nobody can (expletive deleted) with me about 9/11."

Rachel Uchitel's fiance died in the World Trade Center. She became the face of New York's grief when this picture of her appeared on the front page of the New York Post.

INSIDE EDITION uncovered a heart-rending video of Rachel, shot as she searched for her missing fiance.

"I had lipstick on, so I didn't even kiss him goodbye. If I don't find him I have to start all over again. It's taken me my entire life to find him and I don't know what I will do without him," said Uchitel on the video shot after 9/11.

Friends say she spiralled into an emotional breakdown. She married a Wall Street trader but within weeks they had split up.

Uchitel hid her face when she arrived to begin her stint in Celebrity Rehab. She tells the show all her problems, including her part in the Tiger Woods scandal, stem from 9/11. She reportedly told Dr. Drew Pinsky she had never been back to ground zero and he recommended she should go.

But there's video of Rachel Uchitel at ground zero nine months after 9/11, and talking about her loss.

"It struck me as very poignant that just a few months ago different sounds were bouncing off these same walls," said Uchitel in that video shot nine months after 9/11.

But Uchitel remains defiant, saying, "This is something we decided to do as part of my closure. I needed to do it to move forward."