70 Years Later, Couples Reenact That Famous Kiss in Times Square

It has been 70 years since the end of World War II, when an American sailor kissed a nurse in Times Square, creating an iconic photo.

On Friday, Times Square celebrated the 70th anniversary of the most famous smooch in American history as couples from all walks of life recreated "The Kiss."

August 14, 1945, Times Square, New York, goes wild the day Japan surrenders and World War II comes to an end.

Photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt clicks the picture that would become the icon of the joy of that day - an American sailor embracing a nurse and planting a big kiss on her lips.

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Ray and Ellie Williams got married the day after the war was over.

Ray said: "We experienced the thrill of the war being over." 

The couple in that famous shot was not actually a couple at all.

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The sailor, George Mendonsa, was in Times Square on a date with another woman. He spotted dental assistant Greta Friedman in her white uniform, got swept up in the moment, and planted the big one that's lived on in history.

George told INSIDE EDITION in 2012: "The excitement of the war being over, plus I had a few drinks. So, when I saw the nurse, I grabbed her and I kissed her."

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