American Who Captured Deadly Explosion in China: 'It Felt Like a Nuclear Bomb Going Off'

American Daniel Van Duren was on his roof in China with his girlfriend when he caught the massive explosion on camera.

Jaw-dropping cellphone footage captures the disastrous explosion in China that has left dozens dead and many injured.

It was all caught on tape and posted on YouTube by American Daniel Van Duren of California.

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"Oh my God!" he's heard saying.

The fireball looked like it was right in front of his face.

"It felt like a nuclear bomb going off in my face," he told INSIDE EDITION.

Initially, Van Duren and his girlfriend witnessed the explosion, and it looked far away. They weren't quite sure what was going on. The couple had gone to the roof of their 34-story building to watch the stars.

And then, right before their eyes, the fireball erupted.

Suddenly, the couple began to run for their lives. The video got darker after the power went out in their building. Their frantic voices can be heard in their attempt to escape.

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"Let's go, let's go down!" he's heard saying.

The video got darker after the power went out in their building. They were still unclear exactly what happened, and didn’t know the danger they could be facing.

Once outside, a nervous sigh of relief can be heard. "My God, I can't believe how insane that was," someone was heard saying.

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