This Pit Bull With Half a Face Just Wants to be Loved

Khalessi the pit bull has half a face and is looking for love.

Meet Khalessi, the pit bull with half a face.

The pup, who was recently found abandoned on a front yard in Orlando, Florida, is missing all of her nose and sinus cavity.

There is a nub that goes down to her snout and gives her long canine teeth that stick out like elephant tusks.

Khalessi’s back legs also don’t work and her ribs stick out of her skin due to being underweight.

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Stephanie Paquin, who runs Passion 4 Pits, a shelter near Orlando, believes the pup's unfortunate appearance did not come about by accident but was inflicted upon her.

Paquin told The Huffington Post that she is taking care of the dog at home and the pit bull “just wants attention and love.”

The dog will now face a series of surgeries and then will be made available for adoption.

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To find out more about Khalessi, visit Passion 4 Pits Facebook page. The group is holding a fundraiser to help pay for the dog's sugeries, for more info, click here

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