Watch This Singer Use 50 Different Voices to Perform 'Circle of Life'

Sam Robson wanted to do his own unique rendition of "Circle of Life" from 'The Lion King' and made 50 different voices to achieve his goal.

A singer has created an incredible rendition of The Lion King's “Circle of Life” using just his voice and a few percussion instruments.

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Sam Robson made the rendition using 50 recordings of his voice to create a spine-tingling sound.

The video claims all sounds were made by the human mouth, body and percussion.

Sam said he has always wanted to create an arrangement for the classic Disney song due to its challenging nature. He's been working on it for the last five years and is happy with the results.

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His unique a capella arrangement has gained the attention of MTV who called his voice “Broadway-worthy.”

He creates many multi-track songs and has recently released an album titled, Hymns, which you can find on Amazon and iTunes.

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