New Video of Police Tasering 64-Year-Old Man

INSIDE EDITION has obtained more video of the 64-year-old cancer survivor with a heart condition who was Tasered repeatedly by police in his own home.

The video shocked the nation: a man writhed in agony on his living room floor as he was being Tasered by police.

Now INSIDE EDITION has even more disturbing video from the same Tasing incident.

64-year-old Peter McFarland was handcuffed after being Tasered at his home in Marin County, California.

McFarland is a cancer survivor with a heart condition, and his wife Pearl feared he might die from the Tasing.

"Do I need to call a cardiologist?" she can be heard asking.

"No," said a police officer.

Earlier, paramedics had treated McFarland for injuries after he'd fallen outside his home.

Sheriff's deputies were on the scene because they say McFarland had threatened to kill himself. They wanted to take him to the hospital, but McFarland said he was unemployed and couldn't afford it.  

"We're not paying for it. We're not paying for it, you hear me?" he said, becoming agitated.

 A police officer told him to relax, and McFarland responded: "Son of a [expletive deleted] !"

The newly-obtained video shows him being Tasered again, while handcuffed and on his back!
"The deputy uses the Taser for what appears to me to be no legitimate police purpose. It appears it was used for punitive and sadistic purposes, and not for any other legitimate reason," said McFarland's lawyer, John Scott.

Minutes later, an enraged McFarland had this to say: "If I have a heart attack in the next couple of days, it's all your fault!"

His desperate wife pleaded with him to cooperate. "Honey, can you please go in the ambulance?" she asked.

At last McFarland was taken away. He's now suing the Marin County Sheriff's Department.

The Marin County Sheriff's Department says they are confident the deputies acted within the law, but that they are taking the allegation of excessive force and misconduct seriously.