Oval Office Makeover Backlash

There is backlash today from Conservatives who are questioning why President Obama decided to redecorate the Oval Office during a time of financial crisis. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

The Oval Office makeover is sparking a heated debate across the nation!  

"I don't know, I just don't know why it needed to be redone," said Megan McCain, the daughter of Republican Senator John McCain, speaking out about the facelift on Good Morning America.  

"I'm sort of against the ultimate 'casualization' of the White House and the Presidency," she said.

She is not a fan of the room's new casual vibe, especially the modern brown sofas that have replaced the more traditional floral couches that were there before

She added, "I actually think that looks like a couch I could see at my brother's house but whatever, I don't understand why they changed it."

Famed columnist Maureen Dowd also blasted the brown and beige earth tones that now fill the world's most famous office.

"The classiest, most powerful place on earth, now...resembles an upscale hotel conference room," Dowd writes in The New York Times. She also takes aim at the new "boxy coffee table that even some Obama aides find ugly."

But many interior design experts love the new look, complete with new furniture, handmade striped wallpaper, and a wheat-colored wool rug lined with historical quotes.   

"I love the neutral palette that he's chosen for the White House I think it's a perfect combination of comfort and formality, I think it's the perfect stage for us to present America," says Newell Turner of House Beautiful magazine.

And though no tax payer dollars were used, some continue to criticize President Obama as "tone-deaf" for spending money to redesign the Oval Office in these tough economic times.

Maureen Dowd writes, "For all of us who have that sinking feeling that the economic rug is being pulled from under us, President Obama's new carpet should include this famous line from the iconic movie Jaws: 'I think we're going to need a bigger boat!' "