Charlie Sheen's Wife in Rehab?

Is Charlie Sheen's wife Brooke Mueller in rehab? Her lawyer says no. INSIDE EDITION has more.

According to a published report, she's "seeking treatment" at a "drug and alcohol rehab center" in North Carolina.

Her lawyer, Yale Galanter, is denying the story, telling INSIDE EDITION, “Brooke is not in rehab. She is in North Carolina with her mom for some R and R pursuant to doctors' orders."

Brooke reportedly still has fluid in her lungs from her battle with pneumonia and was reportedly advised by her doctor not to fly anywhere. It's believed she traveled across country by train to seek help.

The trip from Los Angeles to North Carolina by Amtrak takes about three days.

Earlier this week Charlie Sheen's ex-wife, Denise Richards, expressed sympathy for Brooke.

”She was going to be and is my daughters' step-mom, so I want that to be a healthy marriage,” Richards said.

Brooke has a history of drug allegations. In 1996 she was arrested for DUI and then in 2001 for cocaine possession. Both charges were dropped.