Watch Police Officer Pull Over Speeding Motorist, Help Deliver Baby

Officer Anthony Reynolds with the Seattle Police Department helped deliver a couple's baby girl after they were stopped trying to speed to hospital.

This traffic stop was anything but routine.

When Officer Anthony Reynolds with the Seattle Police Department pulled over a vehicle for speeding through red lights on Sunday afternoon, the driver jumped out and said that his wife was in labor.

He pleaded with the officer to let him drive to the hospital but Reynolds told him they'd be safer in an ambulance so called for medics.

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But the baby girl wasn’t waiting for anyone - and Officer Reynolds had to jump in to help. Three other officers also arrived on the scene and witnessed the "miracle of childbirth," police said.

"The couple's baby was determined to beat medics to the scene," police said.

The dashboard camera footage caught the newborn girl's first cries.

But after one scream, she struggled to breathe - so Officer Reynolds cleared her airway and got her breathing again.

When the ambulance arrived, the mom and the baby were taken to the hospital in stable condition.

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Dash cam footage also captured the moment the new father thanked the assisting officers with a handshake and a hug.

According to the police blotter, the family sent a thank you note to the officers who helped with their special delivery.

“You have helped deliver a precious gift,” they wrote in the letter. “We are so grateful.”

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