After Donald Trump Said Heidi Klum Was 'No Longer a 10,' She Responds in the Best Way Possible

Heidi Klum took to Instagram to playfully respond to Donald Trump saying 'She's no longer a 10.'

Heidi Klum is hitting back at Donald Trump after he told the New York Times: "She's no longer a 10."

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The stunning model and TV personality got revenge by posting this video on Instagram:

In the video, she's happily posing for a photographer while wearing a t-shirt with a '10' on the front. Then a man in a Trump mask rips the 10 away to reveal a 9.99 underneath.

Klum appears momentarily shocked then shrugs and smiles to show she really doesn't care what the billionaire thinks.

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Trump is also facing criticism over his hard line policy on immigration. He wants to deport all illegal immigrants - 11 million people and their children - even if they were born in the U.S.A.

His plan is getting mixed reactions from the other Republican candidates. Among them, Carly Fiorina and Scott Walkersaid they support some aspects.

Fiorina told ABC News: “There are parts of it that make sense. It makes sense to deport illegals who have committed crimes, it makes sense to have an employer verification system that actually works and that is mandatory. It makes sense to hold sanctuary cities accountable.”

Walker told Fox News his plan was “similar” to Trump’s.

But Jeb Bush and Chris Christie are slamming his proposal.

Bush told a crowd in South Carolina, on Monday: “How do you revoke remittances? A plan needs to be grounded in reality."

Christie added on CNN: “This is not a real estate deal. This is diplomacy.”

A new CNN poll shows Trump continues to dominate the race for the Republican nomination with Bush in second. Trump is at 24 percent, while Bush is at 13 percent.

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