Dad Who Almost Dropped His Kid While Reaching For Baseball: 'I've Always Wanted to Catch a Home Run Ball'

Angels fan Eli Strickland is facing heat for leaning over a fence to try and catch a ball, and almost toppling on his daughter.

A dad got a little too excited at the idea of nabbing a home run ball at a Los Angeles Angels game, and leaned over a fence with his toddler in his arms.

Eli Strickland and his 21-month-old daughter were hanging completely upside down - but he somehow managed to avoid toppling over entirely and crushing her.

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INSIDE EDITION asked him: "What were you thinking?"

He said: "I was thinking that this ball was coming right towards me. I've always wanted to catch a game home run ball."

His wife Joelynn had a hard time believing what her husband had just done.

“I was surprised," she told INSIDE EDITION, adding that she was shocked he didn't think to put their daughter down first.

The toddler was unhurt and is doing fine, they said.

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But social media reaction hasn't been kind to the dangling dad.

"For a ball???? Really?" read one tweet. "Dear Dads, stop going after baseballs while you're holding children," read another.

Joelynn said: "Anybody that knows my husband knows that he's a great father."

She added, "I knew he wasn't going to go over, but still, you don't want to see your baby upside-down like that."

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