Officers Who Found Rosie O'Donnell's Missing Daughter: 'She Has No Signs of Mental Distress'

Chelsea O'Donnell was found safe on Tuesday evening after she had been missing for a week.

A relieved Rosie O’Donnell is expressing her thanks after her 17-year-old daughter Chelsea was found safe and sound.

The comedian was reunited with her daughter about 12 hours after the story made headlines across the country on Tuesday. She returned with Chelsea to their home in Nyack, New York City.

The teenager was found inside a home in Barnegat on the Jersey Shore on Tuesday afternoon.

She was unharmed and officials say she wasn't being held against her will. Instead, it's being treated as a runaway incident.

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Authorities say they went to the home after acquaintances of Chelsea directed them there.

When officers went to the home, they say a man answered the door and looked nervous before acknowledging that Chelsea was inside. The teen reportedly had a new cell phone in her possession.

INSIDE EDITION spoke with Sergeant Daniel Wilson of the South Nyack-Grand View Police Department after she was found.

"No signs of any physical injury," he said. "No signs of any mental distress. She was very cooperative."

Once Chelsea was found, Rosie tweeted: “Chelsea has been found and is safe in police custody - thank u all for the help and light #missingchildren.”

Chelsea has a history of emotional issues, which Rosie has discussed on The View.

HLN host Nancy Grace said that Rosie was “overwhelmed” that her daughter had been found safe and by the outpouring of support.

Chelsea was adopted by Rosie when she was 2 months old. The teen’s biological mother Deanna Mccoley raised issues about the adoption in an interview from earlier this year.

Micoley told The National Enquirer at the time: “Rosie O’Donnell has my daughter. She took her.”

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Micoley claimed that Rosie illegally adopted Chelsea in 1997 when she was two months old. Micoley says she was high on drugs and Chelsea’s biological father put her up for adoption without her permission.

“l don't believe I signed my rights and if I did, I was under the influence and I never wanted to give my daughter up for adoption,” said Micoley.

Rosie's spokesperson said in a statement to INSIDE EDITION earlier this year: "It is awful that this woman decided to go public... Rosie LEGALLY adopted Chelsea.

"As an advocate of adoption, Rosie is grateful to all birth mothers everywhere and she hopes that the National Enquirer did not pay this woman."

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