Woman Spoofs Taylor Swift By Inviting Ridiculously Random Guests On Stage

One writer is poking fun of how many guests Taylor Swift has had on her recent '1989 World Tour.'

Taylor Swift has been surprising her fans by bringing out many of her famous friends - including Heidi Klum and Nick Jonas - during her “1989 World Tour.”

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Now writer Lara Marie Schoenhals has created a Taylor Swift parody suggesting some other, over-the-top surprise appearances.

In the parody, Schoenhals pretends to be Swift and introduces a slew of guests.

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In the video, she “welcomes” the “51 victims of Bill Cosby,” “the women survivors of ISIS, “Samara from The Ring,” “Hillary Swank,” “Lupita N’yongo,” “Angelina Jolie,” and many more.

Lara writes on YouTube that she got the idea of making up random cameos that might happen at future concerts after seeing Joan Baez and Julia Roberts dancing onstage during one of the “Blank Space” singer’s recent concerts.

Lara is the writer behind White Girl Problems by Babe Walker and the sequel, Psychos by Babe Walker. She also runs a podcast, Pumped Podcast, and @cosmosextip on Instagram.

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