4-Year-Old Kid Hit in the Face By Marco Rubio's Football Warns: 'I'll Be Waiting For You'

A little boy who was bonked in the head when Sen. Marco Rubio made a bad throw has posted a video with a message to the presidential hopeful.

A four-year-old boy who got a football to the face when Sen. Marco Rubio made a bad throw is sending a direct message to the Republican presidential hopeful.

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"Hey Rubio, when you get back to Iowa, I'll be waiting for you Rubio," said the boy, who was identified as Brody Dill by the Des Moines Register

After the now famous dropped pass, my 4yr old nephew has been practicing. He says he's ready for @marcorubio pic.twitter.com/dPydAhvENr

August 19, 2015

In the video his uncle posted on Twitter, Dill looks determined in the video, gripping a football and wearing sporty clothes.  

He got bonked in the head in Iowa on Monday when Rubio held a family picnic for family, friends and supporters.

.@marcorubio goes long in Iowa... and... d'oh. Don't worry, the kid's okay! http://t.co/Ly9sThFm0T https://t.co/6NtUT5Eqhk

August 18, 2015

Video and images of his throw went totally viral soon after.

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Rubio joked about his terrible throw, tweeting: "The QB always gets the blame.”

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