5-Year-Old Boy Crawls Through Wreckage, Calls 911 After Car Crash: 'Mom and Sissy Are Dead'

Ellen Caswell, 31, and her 10-year-old daughter were killed in the car crash but little Kadyn managed to call for help.

A brave five-year-old boy used his mom's cellphone to call 911 after she was killed in a car crash alongside his big sister.

Ellen Caswell, 31, was driving to the family's home in Oneida, New York on Sunday night when she veered off the road and smashed into a utility pole, overturning the vehicle, authorities say.

Her son, Kadyn Depasquale, managed to crawl through the wreckage to find her phone.

He called his dad, and told him: "Dad, mom and sissy are dead and I am in the woods in a bush."

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The father, Alex Depasquale, knew his phone battery was fading so he told the boy to dial 911 to get help.

The boy told a dispatcher his mother and sister were dead and he didn't know exactly where he was, but police found the vehicle after Kadyn honked its horn.

Caswell died at the scene. Her 10-year-old daughter, Kelsey Caswell-Young, was rushed to hospital but passed away on Monday.

Kadyn didn't suffer any injuries.

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After the tragedy, Kadyn's uncle James Zophy, the police chief in Canastota, called him "an amazing 5 year old boy who has more courage then me and more bravery than most."

He added: "Kadyn Depasquale, my Saint Michael, my hero, my courage and admiration. If I could choose my partner I'd ride with him any day. God bless you Kadyn, I love you and I hope I am as strong as you someday!"

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