Jimmy Carter Reveals Cancer Has Spread to His Brain: 'I Thought I Had Just a Few Weeks Left'

The former president revealed in a press conference that he will undergo his first radiation treatment on Thursday.

Jimmy Carter has revealed that his cancer has spread to his brain.

Speaking at a press conference on Thursday, the 90-year-old former president said he will undergo his first radiation treatment this afternoon.

"It is in the hands of the god who I worship," he said as he addressed reporters at the Carter Center in Atlanta.

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He explained that he has four "very small" spots of melanoma on his brain. After he was diagnosed he "thought I had just a few weeks left," he said.

But he added that the cancer in his liver - where the disease was originally found - is thought to be gone.

Carter, who turns 91 in October, plans to reduce his schedule "fairly dramatically" as he undergoes treatment in Atlanta but said that he is "at ease" with the diagnosis.

"I've had a wonderful life," Carter said during the press conference . "I've had thousands of friends."

The press conference comes after Carter, the nation's 39th president, revealed in a statement on August 12 that liver surgery had uncovered cancer "that now is in other parts of my body."

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Afterwards President Obama told him in a statement: “Jimmy, you're as resilient as they come, and along with the rest of America, we are rooting for you."

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