Girl Allegedly Raped at Elite School Breaks Down on the Stand: 'I Was Violated in So Many Ways'

The alleged victim wrapped up her emotional testimony in 19-year-old Owen Labrie's trial.

A girl accusing a former prep school student of rape sobbed on the stand while wrapping up her emotional testimony.

“I was violated in so many ways,” she said.

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The teen, whose identity INSIDE EDITION is protecting, was defiant in the face of tough cross-examination by the defense attorney for 19-year-old defendant Owen Labrie.

The defense attorney asked her: “Were you excited to have his attention?”

“During the kissing, yes I was,” she said.

“What about when he was taking your pants off?” said the attorney.

“No, I was scared,” she replied.  

Labrie sprinted past reporters as the trial revealed sordid details of a ritual known as "Senior Salute" - where seniors at the elite St. Paul's School in New Hampshire allegedly compete to have sex with younger classmates.

HLN host Nancy Grace said of the case: "There's allegations they 'kept score' on the wall behind a set of washers and dryers, that the school kept painting over it because they didn't realize what it was."

The accuser's credibility came under attack by Labrie's attorney because of text messages and emails they exchanged after the alleged rape.

In one he wrote: “You're a gem.”  

She replied: “You're not too bad yourself.”

She said she was confused and "cloudy" when she sent those messages.

The defense attorney asked: “Why were you cloudy?”

“I was raped! I was violated in so many ways. Of course I was traumatized,” she said.

Grace added: "The allegations are that this girl, this teen girl, was just a casualty of the 'Senior Salute' games, that apparently everybody knew about, except the faculty."

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