Paris Hilton's "Purse-gate"

When Paris Hilton was arrested for allegedly having cocaine in her purse, she said it wasn't her purse. But recent pictures and tweets from the heiress may prove otherwise.  INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.  

David Letterman ripped into Paris Hilton during his monologue after her arrest for cocaine possession in Las Vegas.

"Her boyfriend was arrested and charged with DWI—Driving With an Idiot," joked Letterman.

Now it turns out Paris may be a bigger knucklehead than even Letterman thought.

According to the police report, Paris denied that the purse where cops say they found the cocaine was hers, saying "she had borrowed it from a friend."  

Just 7 weeks ago, Paris posted a photo of what appears to be the same purse, tweeting, "Love my new Chanel purse I got today."

Paris also posted a photo she took of the crowd outside the Chanel showroom in France where she had purchased the purse on July 15.

It certainly looks like the same purse. If so, Paris may have to come up with another story.