Mama Bear and Her Cubs Have the Time of Their Lives as They Take a Dip in Backyard Pool

A pack of bears frolicked in one family's backyard in New Jersey.

These videos reveal the unbelievable scene in Rockaway Township, New Jersey when a mother bear and her five cubs decided to throw a pool party.

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The bears splash around in a backyard swimming pool at the Basso residence, just like any family on these hot, muggy days.

When one of the bears gets a hold of the Basso's daughter's pool toy, the girl shrieks: "That's my floaty!"

Dad Tim Basso can be heard saying: “They're gonna be poking holes with their feet in the floor.”

The cubs find the rest of the backyard irresistible and try out the slide and the swing set.

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But there's one scary moment captured on camera when the mother bear starts playing with the pool's pump, which is plugged in to the electrical supply.

Finally playtime's over.

The pool empties and the bears head on out - perhaps to check out what a neighbor's backyard has in store.

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