Zoo Surveillance Footage Shows Incredible Moment Rare Asian Elephant is Born

A British zoo were able to document the birth of a rare Asian elephant that was captured on camera.

A rare Asian elephant has been born in a British Zoo - and the incredible moment was caught on camera.

The baby girl was welcomed to the family by her mom, Thi, and four other elephants at the Chester Zoo on Friday.

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Video of the baby’s birth was captured by the zoo's surveillance camera, meaning staff members were able to track the progress without disturbing the herd.

Right after the calf was born on the soft sand, the family leaned down to have a look, sniff and gave it a gentle kick to stimulate her.

Very soon after she was up and standing on her feet and even walking.

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The Chester Zoo, the most visited in Britain, says the delivery went “very smoothly” following a 22-month gestation.

Andy Mckenzie, team manager of elephants at Chester Zoo, said in a statement: “We’re really pleased with how the birth went and Thi’s new calf is a great addition to the Hi Way family.”

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