Psychologist: My Children's Book Will Put Your Restless Kids to Sleep In Minutes

Parents are raving about 'The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep,' written by a Swedish psychologist.

A new children's book written by a Swedish psychologist might be the answer to putting restless kids to sleep.

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The book, The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep, is already a number-one bestseller on Amazon, and psychologist Carl-Johan Forssen Ehrlin claims it can have kids to sleep in 10 minutes, guaranteed.

When parents read the story about the rabbit, it encourages kids to fall asleep. Many parents are calling it a bedtime dream come true.

One line reads, “I am going down to visit Uncle Yawn, said Roger The Rabbit, because he will help me fall asleep now."

One mom raved on Twitter: “All 5 kids napping...The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep is my new favorite story.”

Psychologist Jeffrey Gardere told INSIDE EDITION: "The book uses certain trigger words, such as 'fall asleep,' 'go to sleep,' 'close your eyes.'"

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New Jersey parents Annika and Jordan Levitt put the book to the test on their daughter, Jenna.

"It's like a miracle every night. It puts her down," said Annika.

"An $8 fix for something that we've been trying to fox for over a year. Even after one single time, it worked," added Jordan.

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