Couple Reportedly Having Sex at French Castle Dies After Falling 40 Feet Into Moat

Police say the couple was believed to have been 'making love' before falling to their deaths.

A couple who were reportedly making love at a historic French fortress died after they fell 40 feet into a moat.

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Police say they found a naked man in the dried out part of the moat and his partner in the shallow end at the Vauban Fort in northwestern France. The victims were in their early 30s.

Local police did not explain how the couple died, only saying: "The couple was found naked, with their belongings above."

A police source told French newspaper Le Figaro that the death was accidental and probably happened because they were "making love and something went wrong."

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The fort stands on a remote outcrop and was built in 1866 by Napoleon III and was used a defense fort against English Navy.

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